Are you looking for a family dentist in Michigan? If so, you’ve probably discovered that you have a seemingly overwhelming amount of choices. The Yellow Pages seem to overflow with numerous dentists in our area. There are even pediatric dentists’ offices for just your children!

It can seem like an overwhelming decision to make. But your decision should ultimately boil down to finding a dentist who can gently treat your children, restore your husband’s teeth, and even beautify your smile.

At Plymouth Dentistry, we want to be your choice for family dentistry. Why choose us? If you objectively ask yourself a few questions, we think you’ll agree that our office could be a good fit for you and your family. Just consider the following questions:

Question #1: Is Your Dentist Concerned About Your Family’s Oral Health?

Many corporate dental offices operate like dental factories. You may see one dentist on one visit, then another dentist on your next visit. Your child might not even see the same dentist as you! There’s simply no consistency in your dental care.

At Plymouth Dentistry, all of our patients are seen by Dr. Gary Feucht. The doctor likes to begin treating children around the age of 2. These quick and simple visits help expose your child to dental care and prevent them from developing dental phobias later in life. That means your child can enjoy a healthy smile for the rest of their life!

But you shouldn’t wait until your child’s second birthday to visit our office. It’s vitally important for pregnant women to undergo dental care. While you’re pregnant, you’re far more likely to suffer from gum disease than the average woman. Untreated gum disease can cause you to lose teeth and has been linked to serious health conditions. We safely and effectively clean your teeth during your pregnancy.

Question #2: Does Your Dentist Work Well with Children?

Going to a dentist’s office can be intimidating for many adults and downright terrifying for children. The sights and sounds of a dental office can simply overwhelm them. That means you need a dentist experienced in calming children and helping them feel at ease.

At Plymouth Dentistry, our staff prides itself on being involved in the community. As such, Dr. Feucht spends a lot of time at schools talking to children. So when your child walks into our office, we know just what to do to help him or her feel at home. That way, we can keep them healthy as they transition from baby teeth into adult teeth.

Question #3: Does Your Family Dentist Offer Comprehensive Treatments?

Your children won’t stay little for long. And while they’re growing, you’ll still need dental care. That means you need a comprehensive range of dental treatments available to you and your family. You could drive around town to take your child to a dental cleaning at a pediatric dentist’s office and then to another office for your own appointment.

Or you could simply become patients of Plymouth Dentistry and spare yourself from running all around town. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments for patients of all ages. In addition to routine family dentistry services, such as dental cleanings and dental exams, we also offer cosmetic dentistry procedures and restorative dentistry procedures. We can restore your smile with a dental crown or even beautify it with dental veneers!

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Are you ready to choose a family dentistry office for you and your children? If so, we hope you’ll consider our comfortable and modern office in Plymouth, MI. At Plymouth Dentistry, your family dentist can improve your oral health, your children’s oral health, or even provide your grandparents’ dentures! To make an appointment, call us at 734-224-4359 or use our convenient online form to request an appointment.