Are you looking for a dentist that can treat your entire family? The process can seem a bit overwhelming because there are so many dental offices out there. Many offices do an excellent job treating adults but are not as experienced with dealing with children. Other offices are excellent with children, but do not offer all the adult dental services you may need.

At Plymouth Dentistry in Plymouth, MI, we want to be your family dentist. It’s important to find a great family dentistry office to ensure the oral health and appearance of all the loved ones in your family. At our office, we offer all the cosmetic and restorative dental services an adult could need, but we’re also committed to providing excellent care to children.

Your Child’s First Appointment

At Plymouth Dentistry, we recommend bringing your child in for their first appointment around their second birthday. During this appointment, we will help instill good oral health information in your child. It’s also extremely useful for helping to acclimate a child to dental care. Most dental fears and anxieties grow in patients as they get older; early care helps ensure they never fear the dentist and avoid the dental care they need.

But good dental care actually begins before your child is even born. We recommend pregnant women see us for an appointment while they are expecting. We need to treat any signs of potential gum disease in pregnant women. Gum disease has actually been linked to scary problems such as low birthweight or early term delivery. Dental cleanings are safe during pregnancies and can help eliminate that as a concern.

All members of your family should plan on visiting our office every six months for a routine cleaning. During a routine dental appointment, we will examine your teeth for all signs of gum disease and tooth decay. Early detection of tooth decay can help prevent longer and more lengthy procedures down the line.

Many misconceptions exist about your child’s baby teeth. The truth is it is just as important for baby teeth to receive the same high-quality dental care as adult teeth. Baby teeth help ensure your child’s health by helping them develop proper eating and speaking habits. We can monitor your child’s dental health during their transition from baby teeth to adult teeth; this helps us ensure that their smile is healthy and strong.

Oral Health Care for Life

We also offer all the procedures and care you may need as an adult. We offer dental implant restorations to replace missing teeth; professional teeth whitening to restore brilliance to your smile; dental veneers to help change the shape and appearance of your smile; and a range of other services.

At Plymouth Dentistry we are ready and able to serve your entire family. We have a knowledgeable staff to answer any questions you may have before any procedure, and we do our best to keep you at ease at all times. From your child’s first appointment to repairing your grandparents’ dentures, we want to be there for your whole family.

Make An Appointment

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