Think of your favorite actor for a moment. Try to picture his or her face on the screen in front of you. Think about his or her smile.

It’s probably close to perfect. Indeed, many celebrities have what could be described as the “Hollywood” smile, with teeth that are white, straight, and evenly spaced.

Is this just some amazing coincidence that so many famous people have perfect teeth? Not really; many if not most actors have received some cosmetic dentistry to get their smiles.

Here’s something we want you to know. You can have that kind of smile, too, with a set of dental veneers.

We treat all our patients like stars at Plymouth Dentistry whether you are from Canton, Plymouth, or another nearby community in our part of Michigan.

In The Movies

It’s funny when things come full circle. Veneers are a great example of this.

The first set of veneers were created for the sake of a movie. In 1928, a dentist from California, Charles Pincus, was asked to make fake teeth for an actor to wear over his real teeth.

These didn’t need to last long since the actor only needed them for a small portion of the film.

The thing is, that gave Dr. Pincus an idea. What if he created something similar that his patients could wear to make their smiles look better?

Nine years after making his temporary movie teeth, he designed a set of acrylic veneers that were supposed to be held in place with denture adhesives. That proved to be far less than a permanent solution.

More people took on the challenge; new techniques, material, and bonding agents were developed. Today’s modern veneers can remain in place for decades at a time, and whether you know it or not, you have probably seen several sets on the silver screen.

A Good Smile Makes A Difference

You may be thinking that you would like to change something about your smile, but you aren’t an actor or a model.

That may be true, but you are a person, and you deal with other people in your daily life. Your smile can make a huge difference both in how you feel about yourself and in how other people treat you.

In our practice, we have seen patients who seemed embarrassed and ashamed of their smiles. They spoke rarely and quietly as if they were afraid someone would see their teeth.

After getting veneers, those patients held their heads higher and spoke easily, confidently, and comfortably. You don’t have to be a leading man or lady to see how that could help you.

As far as other people are concerned, a survey conducted by Kelton Global showed that people with nice smiles are considered more attractive, more successful, friendlier, and more trustworthy.

If you want to make a good impression, a nice, confident smile can go a long way.

How Veneers Can Help

We love veneers for our patients because veneers are versatile. There aren’t any other cosmetic dental services that can fix as many different issues as veneers.

See if any of these are things you want to change about your teeth:

◼︎ Worn-Down or Chipped Teeth — You may have worn down your teeth by grinding them together, biting your nails, or opening things with your teeth. Chipped teeth happen for any number of reasons, including accidents and biting into things that are too hard.

Veneers can make your teeth look whole once again.

◼︎ Stained Or Discolored Teeth — As we get older, it’s normal for teeth to turn yellow or darker. All the coffee, tea, and soft drinks add up. The same is true for the pasta, pizza, and other tasty and colorful foods that we eat.

Veneers can cover those stains to give you teeth that are as white as you want them to be.

◼︎ Crooked Or Crowded Teeth – If your teeth aren’t perfectly aligned, you are not alone. Instead of orthodontic treatment to move your teeth, veneers can hide those teeth with a shell that looks perfectly straight.

◼︎ Teeth With Gaps In Them — Millions of people have spaces between two or more teeth, and many of them wish those spaces were closed. Veneers are an easy way to make that happen.

And if that isn’t enough, veneers can fix more than one issue at the same time. If you are looking for a fast way to change your smile, you won’t beat a custom-made set of veneers.

Get Ready For Your Close-Up

Maybe you aren’t going to be on a magazine cover anytime soon, but you could be asked to pose for a “selfie” that will be posted to social media for hundreds of people.

Be ready when that happens. Call Plymouth Dentistry today at (734) 224-4359 or use our online form to schedule a consultation. Find out if veneers could improve your smile.