A tooth extraction is never fun thing to think about. Having an empty space where there was once a tooth can make anyone self conscious and can can cause other issues as well. Over time if nothing is put in the empty space the surrounding teeth will shift and will alter your bite. This can lead to damage to other teeth from the shift in where the pressure sits on your teeth.

Doctor Feucht, your local dentist here in Plymouth Michigan wants to help you save your teeth if at all possible. When you face the prospect of possibly losing a tooth, we can help. We will always advise you to try to keep all of your teeth for as long as possible. Once you remove a tooth, you can’t get it back.

Your Options For Alternative to Tooth Extraction

But what is the alternative to extracting a tooth? The answer: A root canal. I’m sure you’ve heard of a root canal at some point in your life. Root canals are the best way to save a tooth from completely dying and can extend the life of your tooth.

Root Canals have the reputation of being a horrible experience and being very painful. The truth of the matter is that this isn’t the case. With modern root canal treatments most people report that the discomfort experienced is similar to getting a filling. Nothing can be worse than living with tooth pain, so let us help you fix the problem.

So if you’re living with tooth pain, or need a regular cleaning, contact us at Plymouth Dentistry and we will help you, no matter what your dental problem may be. We will treat you with courtesy and respect that you would expect from the neighborhood dentist.