Is there something about your smile that drives you a little crazy? Just a small cosmetic flaw that you wish wasn’t there? Something like a small gap between two of your teeth, a chip on your front tooth, or a tooth that is just a bit misshapen?

Your confidence suffers because you’re embarrassed by your smile. It affects both your performance at work and your social life. Maybe you’re even hesitant to show your teeth when you smile for a photo? Does that sound like you?

Then let us help!

Maybe you’ve been looking for a provider of cosmetic dentistry in Michigan, or you’ve never considered such a subject. Either way, you owe it to yourself to learn the advantages of dental veneers from Plymouth Dentistry. So in today’s post of our dental health blog, we’re going to look at four reasons for you to consider dental veneers.

Reason #1: Veneers Can Give You a Hollywood Smile

Have you ever noticed how many athletes, celebrities, and even politicians seem to have a perfect smile filled with beautiful teeth? The truth is many of them were not born that way; many of them had a little bit of help from a cosmetic dentist.

In the decades past, effective cosmetic dentistry was expensive. This limited its use to the rich and famous. People like you and me only had limited options that worked with varying degrees of success. But that’s not the case anymore!

Advances in dental technology have made dental veneers more affordable than ever before. The same technology used by dentists in Beverly Hills is now within your grasp right here in Plymouth, MI!

Reason #2: We Can Customize Your Smile with Veneers

Veneers can be used to correct any number of flaws in your smile. We can close small but embarrassing gaps between your teeth. We can cover cracks or chips in your teeth. We can even correct teeth that are misshapen or unevenly sized.

Cosmetic repairs with dental veneers are completely natural looking. Using porcelain or other materials, we can craft veneers that perfectly match your existing teeth. No one has to know that you had a little help from your dentist!

But that’s not all! If you have deeply discolored or stained teeth that don’t respond to whitening products, we can give you a whole new smile with dental veneers. When we apply a full set of veneers, you can even choose the exact shade and size you want your teeth to be!

Reason #3: Veneers Work Faster Than Adult Orthodontics

In the past, your options for correcting cosmetic flaws in your smile were limited. You might have had to get a set of adult braces to close gaps between your teeth or correct unevenly spaced teeth. That process was both time-consuming (with treatment times as long as two years) and painful.

Even today’s options for adult orthodontics can be quite time-consuming. Popular aligner therapies such as Invisalign take up to a year to be effective. Even so-called high-speed adult braces take up to six months to work!

Veneers are different. In most cases, veneers can be applied in just two or three appointments. That means you won’t have to wait to show off your new smile!

Reason #4: Veneers are Minimally Invasive and Completely Safe

Veneers are among the simplest, safest, and least invasive of all cosmetic dentistry procedures. First, your teeth are prepared to receive the veneers by removing a small amount of enamel to make space for them. The process is quick and painless.

After we take impressions of your teeth, a dental laboratory makes your customized dental veneers. When your veneers are ready, you return to our office and we bond them to your teeth. Your veneers will be the perfect size, shape, and shade for your smile. Once your veneers are applied, no one will even notice that they’re not your natural teeth. They’ll simply think that you have an amazing Hollywood smile!

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