So, you may get a new toothbrush every 6 months when you visit us here at Plymouth Dentistry. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean your families toothbrushes on a regular basis. In fact you should even replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months even if you regularly clean your toothbrush.

Here are some helpful tips for cleaning your toothbrush at home:

Store your toothbrush upright with the bristles up. This will allow air to dry out your toothbrush.
Rinse your toothbrush after every brush.
Do not store in the medicine cabinet or drawer as this can create a breeding ground for bacteria.
If it is worn and torn, replace it. Kids toothbrushes may have to be replaced more frequently than adults.
If there are multiple toothbrushes stored together ensure that the bristles are not touching each other.
Properly caring for your toothbrush will not only help your oral hygiene but is also beneficial to your health. Those with weaker immune systems are encouraged to thoroughly clean their toothbrush on a more frequent basis.