Did You Know That Green Tea May Help Fight Gum Disease?


Gum disease is a big problem in our country. Would you know what to do about gum disease if you had it? Did you know that drinking green tea may be able to help you get and keep healthy gums? Get the information you need regarding this dangerous condition from today’s Plymouth Dentistry blog post.

Gum Disease Explained

Gum disease is an infection in your gums that results from bacteria buildup. The bacteria causes your gum tissue to break down. This leaves your teeth without the support they need, and they may begin to loosen. Eventually, if you leave it untreated, you can lose your teeth. Gum disease represents the number one threat to your teeth remaining in your smile, and it can steal your smile if you are not vigilant.

The beginning phase of gum disease is called gingivitis. It is important to note that all gum disease begins as gingivitis, but not all gingivitis is able to progress to the level of advanced gum disease (periodontitis). The symptoms of gingivitis are sometimes overlooked because they are relatively mild. They include red, irritated gums and gums that bleed easily after brushing. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to see Dr. Feucht immediately. He will be able to identify whether you are suffering from gum disease or something else.

Why You Need To Worry About Gum Disease

Aside from being the number one reason adults lose their teeth, gum disease is also present at an epidemic rate in our society. Almost 50 percent of adults are living with some level of gum disease. For the aged population (65 or older), that number jumps to more than 70 percent. If the symptoms of gum disease were as visible as chicken pox, more than 100 million Americans would be walking around with dots all over their body. If gum disease were deadly, we would have a national emergency over the state of our gum health. But actually, gum disease has been linked to deadly health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, to name a couple. Gum disease can wreck your smile and lead to health issues beyond your mouth.

How Green Tea May Help Fight Gum Disease

Now that you are sufficiently aware of the prevalence and consequences of gum disease in our country, you should know that there is something you can consume daily (besides toothpaste or mouthwash) that actually may help you fight off gum disease. This wonderful substance is something that you can pick up at any gas station, restaurant, or food mart in Plymouth, MI: green tea. Green tea may help fight gum disease and free your gums from the damaging effects of the disease.

How Green Tea Does This

Green tea has a special substance called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). EGCG is the key to its beneficial properties. A study conducted in May 2016 looked at what effects EGCG has on the cells in your mouth when in the presence of gingivitis. The researchers also tested to see what kind of an effect EGCG had on antibiotics used to fight the bacterial infection.

Here is where you can start to get excited. The study found a causal link (basically like scoring the winning touchdown in scientific terms) between the presence of EGCG and the inhibited ability of cells in the mouth to code as P. gingivalis cells. EGCG was also shown to inhibit the growth of P. gingivalis cells in general. In English, this means that the main ingredient in green tea makes it hard for gingivitis cells to grow and multiply inside your mouth. Do you remember what we said about gingivitis earlier in this article? All gum disease starts out as gingivitis, but not all gingivitis becomes gum disease. It is because of elements like EGCG that gingivitis doesn’t make it out of that beginning stage.

What If You Don’t Like Green Tea?

Regardless of the benefits of the drink, some people just don’t like green tea. If that is you, you have nothing to worry about. At Plymouth Dentistry, we are able to help you treat your gum disease and keep your teeth safe, whether you love green tea or prefer coffee. Aside from providing proper home hygiene instructions, here are the treatments we can offer you.

Scaling and Root Planing – This is a standard way of treating gum disease in the dental community. Scaling will remove the disease-causing plaque and tartar from around your gumline and underneath your gums. With root planing, Dr. Feucht will smooth rough spots on your tooth roots. This deep cleaning treatment eliminates places for bacteria to hide and also prepares the area to accept new gum growth.

Antibiotics – Gum disease is a bacterial infection of your gums. As with any infection, antibiotics are sometimes used to combat it. Plymouth Dentistry is no different. We offer antibiotics to help get your gum disease under control. Once it has been reigned in, regular maintenance and care from Dr. Feucht will help keep you gum disease free.

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