What’s your favorite summertime food?

Many of our patients enjoy corn-on-the-cob smothered in butter. Other patients love enjoying a rack of barbecue ribs just dripping in a sweet and tangy sauce. And who doesn’t love simply grilling a steak and enjoying it on a cool but humid summer night?

Got your mouth watering yet? Cookouts, campfire grills, and fish fries are some of the most memorable aspects of the summer season. They’re a time to bond with friends and families as you all enjoy delicious meats, vegetables, fruits, and treats.

But if you’re suffering from dental pain, you could miss out on all of that. Every bite you take could become an exercise in pain and suffering. Before you know it, eating corn-on-the-cob, ribs, or steak is simply out of the question. It’s simply no way to live.

Luckily, help is available in the form of restorative dentistry. At Plymouth Dentistry, we can provide dental crowns and dental bridges that can help restore your full chewing ability. That means you’ll be able to eat your favorite foods once more!

In today’s post of our dental health blog, we’re going to look at how dental crowns and dental bridges can restore your chewing ability. Then we’ll look at what you can expect when you undergo a restorative dentistry procedure. Let’s get started!

Restore Your Chewing Power with a Dental Crown or Dental Bridge

If you have a severely damaged or decayed tooth, you may feel a sharp shooting pain every time you take a bite of solid food. Minor to medium-sized cavities can often be repaired with a routine dental filling. But if the damage is extensive, you may need a more extensive restorative dentistry procedure to restore the form and function of your tooth.

We often restore a damaged or decayed tooth with a dental crown. A dental crown is a protective shell that completely encompasses your damaged tooth, shielding it from undergoing further damage or becoming infected. We offer several types of dental crowns, including zirconia crowns. These crowns are not only durable; they look incredibly lifelike so they’ll blend seamlessly into your smile.

If you’re missing a tooth, you probably know how frustrating it can be to eat. Food can get stuck in the gap, attracting bacteria and increasing your risk for gum disease or further tooth decay. A dental bridge can be an effective and affordable option for replacing your missing tooth.

A dental bridge is generally composed of three or more dental crowns. Crowns are placed on either side of the missing tooth and then used to support an additional dental crown in place of your missing tooth. Your completed dental bridge will look completely natural, so no one will know that it’s not your natural tooth!

What to Expect During a Restorative Dentistry Procedure

When you’re in the hands of the skilled professionals at Plymouth Dentistry, restorative dentistry procedures are a breeze. We start by taking detailed impressions of your teeth. This information is then sent to a dental laboratory to create a dental crown or dental bridge that’s completely customized for your smile. Afterward, we prepare your teeth to receive the dental crowns by reducing their size. We offer sedation dentistry services to ensure the entire process is comfortable.

It generally takes a few weeks to fabricate your customized dental crown or dental bridge. So in the interim, we use a temporary crown or dental bridge to protect your teeth. Then in a few weeks, we switch out the temporary crown or bridge with your new permanent crown or bridge. It’s a simple, straightforward, and comfortable way to regain your natural chewing power.

Take Back Your Summer! Make An Appointment Today

The month of June has arrived. That means you have only a few more months before the cold winter air arrives and freezes any opportunity you have for a cookout! So why not make the most of your summer and get back to eating all of your favorite foods? To learn more about your options for dental crowns or dental bridges, give us a call today. You can reach Plymouth Dentistry in Plymouth, MI, by dialing (734) 224-4359 or filling out this online form.