Headaches. When they occur, most people simply want to curl up and lie in bed.

But imagine that you promised your son that you’d take him to an amusement park, so he’s banging on your bedroom door to try and make you get up. Or imagine that you’re sitting at work and you simply can’t focus on the task at hand. Or worst yet, imagine that you’re already exhausted but you simply can’t fall asleep due to your throbbing headache.

What’s causing your headache? Stress, anxiety, or something else? Many people who suffer from unexplained headaches are surprised to learn that they suffer from a TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders can affect every aspect of your life and make it incredibly hard to function. But treatment is available.

At Plymouth Dentistry in Plymouth, MI, we offer simple and comfortable treatment for TMJ disorders. You may be shocked at how effective a dentist can be in relieving your headaches, but it makes complete sense when you learn the mechanics of your jaw and teeth. So in today’s post of our dental health blog, we’re going to look at how TMJ disorders can cause headaches. Then we’ll look at the comfortable treatments that are available for TMJ disorders.

Are Your Headaches Caused by a TMJ Disorder?

A TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, is one of the most common causes of headaches. TMD occurs when your TMJ (the joint connecting your jaw to the rest of your skull) becomes misaligned. This misalignment awkwardly exerts pressure on your head, potentially leading to headaches or even migraines.

But an extremely painful headache or day-ruining migraine isn’t the only symptom of a TMJ disorder. You might also notice a generalized pain in your jaw or your face. This pain often gets worse when you first wake up in the morning and can extend to difficulty when opening or closing your mouth to speak or chew. You may even notice a clicking sound when you open your jaw or unconsciously grind your teeth.

Simple and Comfortable Treatments for TMJ Disorders

If you’ve been suffering from frequent headaches or other symptoms of a TMJ disorder, we can screen you for TMD right here at our comfortable and modern office. This screening includes an examination of your mouth and jaw, X-rays, and a complete review of your medical history.

If we discover that you’re suffering from TMD, there are a number of comfortable treatments available. Our most common treatments for TMD include night splints and other oral appliances; simple devices that you wear in your mouth while you sleep. Your night splint gently repositions your jaw, holding it in a proper position and reducing your headaches. Your night splint can even help prevent you from grinding your teeth.

We will also look at your existing dental restorations to see if they could be contributing to your TMD. The shape of your dental crowns or dental fillings can sometimes prevent your mouth from closing completely — misaligning your jaw and leading to TMD. In these cases, we can often make simple adjustments to your dental restorations to allow your mouth to close properly.

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