Educating your child on the important of going to the dentist and properly brushing their teeth is extremely important, but not just for mouth, gum, or teeth health. Proper oral hygiene has a significant impact on your child’s overall health.

Some children fall victim to cavities at a very young age, some even before the age of five! By beginning to teach them how to take care of their mouth at a young age, the risk of cavities will drop drastically.

As a parent, two of the most important things you can do to help your child be successful in their dental hygiene is to teach them the proper way to brush their teeth and also, find a kid friendly dentist in Plymouth, Michigan.

The easiest way to teach your child to brush their teeth, is by doing with them and letting them watch you. Start with a training toothpaste or no toothpaste at all until they understand no to swallow the toothpaste. After the age of 2, if they have learned not to swallow the toothpaste, you can start introducing them to toothpaste that has fluoride.

Take your child to your dental visits and ask your dentist if they can begin familiarizing your child with the dental checkup procedure. They will not get a cleaning at such a young age, but will be introduced to the process of having dentists in their mouth. The dentist will touch their teeth and get them comfortable with dental visits for children.

Contact Plymouth Dentistry today to make your routine dental visit and inform your receptionist that you will be bringing in your child.