Gary’s Smile: Regain a Great Smile with Help – Part 4


If you are just joining us, you have missed quite a ride for Gary. For a guy who was in a great position, his life has really taken a turn for the worse. Let’s start at the top.

Gary has a classic car that started to make a knocking sound. He ignored the sound. Then the car’s check engine light came on, and Gary ignored that as well. Finally, his car died on the highway, and Gary was finally forced to confront the fact that he had a real problem with his vehicle.

Gary also owns a home. He isn’t fond of heights, so when he lost some shingles to wind damage, he didn’t jump onto the roof to fix it. Instead, he forgot about it until he saw water damage in his kitchen, and even then he waited weeks for a contractor to come out. When the guy got there, Gary found out that the least of his problems was the shingles. Gary’s entire attic was soaked and now his insulation has to be replaced.

Gary’s once-perfect smile started with bleeding gums that he wrote off as no big deal. It went further to inflamed gums that worried him, but not enough to get a dental appointment. Now, he has to deal with receding gums as well. His smile is a shadow of what it once was, and it is all due to the fact that Gary waited to get the care he needed.

Gary has Options

Gary may have made a mistake by waiting to get help, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to spend the rest of his life suffering from it.

Gary’s Car – Gary made a mess of his car, but it is far from ruined. Blowing the engine on his car taught Gary a very important lesson. He learned that he needed to know what was going on with his car when he drove it. He was able to find a used engine from a salvage yard that matched his car’s engine. With the help of a few friends and a wonderful tool called the internet, Gary was able to get the used engine rebuilt and looking good as new. The next time he hears anything he shouldn’t, the last thing that he will do is turn the radio up to ignore it.

Gary’s Home – Gary didn’t have the money it would take to have the contractor fix his problem. The contractor saw this, and knowing what had just happened to his car, made Gary a deal. He could save 50 percent by doing the prep work for the contractor himself. That meant removing all of the soaked insulation and drying the attic. The contractor did tack a few shingles in place to keep the attic dry going forward. Gary learned that taking care of a home is harder than what people think, and that it really pays to fix the problems early on.

Gary’s Smile – Gary may have gum recession, but his smile isn’t ruined. He called Dr. Feucht at Plymouth Dentistry to get help. He found out that he qualified for the financing he needed to take care of his dental work through CareCredit (specialty medical lending). With that money, Gary got a deep cleaning of his teeth. He had scaling and root planing done to help clear his gums of the bacteria that had been damaging his gum tissue. With the help of Dr. Feucht and a monitoring program that has him coming in every three months, Gary has a smile he can be proud of again.

Get the Smile Help You Need

Gary’s story may have been a work of fiction, but it follows the narrative that many people have. Don’t let waiting or inaction take your smile away. Plymouth Dentistry has the tools and flexible financing options to help you get the dental care you need. Call our Plymouth, MI office today at 734-224-4359 to schedule your appointment. You can use the online form to schedule your appointment as well.