Gary’s Smile: Small Problems Shouldn’t be Overlooked – Part 1


Keeping something in good condition is always easier than fixing it after it has become run down. This is true in pretty much every area of life. Houses need regular maintenance to keep them up to par, cars need regular oil changes to keep the engine from blowing, and your teeth and mouth need to be examined on a regular basis at Plymouth Dentistry. If these things are not done, there are consequences. Some consequences are more severe than others, but one thing is certain. It is less expensive to do the work up front to keep something nice than it is to fix something once it has broken.

Meet Gary

Gary knows what we are talking about better than most. He has lived it. His problems all started with his car and then his house, and his smile was the final (and most valuable) thing to be affected.

Gary’s Car – Gary has a great car. It’s a classic American muscle car with T-tops. He has a top-quality stereo with all the bells and whistles you can get. The engine is all original and pumps out well over 400 horsepower. One day when Gary is out driving, he notices a slight sound coming from the engine. It is a light knocking, not very loud, and the performance of the car doesn’t seem to be affected. For as awesome as his car is, Gary doesn’t really know much about working on the engine, so he writes that slight noise off as just something that comes with having a classic in his garage.

Gary’s House – Gary has a nice house. It is a single-story, ranch-style home in a small subdivided neighborhood of Plymouth, MI. One day he has an issue with his roof after a thunderstorm. The storm brought some pretty strong winds through the area that blew some shingles off his roof. He knew this because he found the shingles on the ground. One thing you need to know about Gary is that he is not a fan of heights. With this in mind, he decides against going up on his roof and fixing the shingles himself. He figures that his roof will be okay until he can hire a contractor to get up there and replace the missing shingles.

Gary’s Smile – One of the best things about Gary is his smile. His teeth are perfect in pretty much every way that matters. They are straight and brilliantly white, and he is religious about his daily oral hygiene routine. He brushes and flosses every day. One day while he is in the middle of his ritual, Gary notices that his gums have some slight bleeding. This is the first time he has noticed this kind of problem. Gary has never had any type of dental trouble, and he figures that this streak isn’t ending now. He writes the bleeding off as just being guilty of brushing a little too hard. From now on, he will be sure to be a little more gentle when he brushes his teeth.

Small Problems

With Gary’s car, house, and smile, he is presented with some relatively small problems. The knocking in his car engine could be solved by moving to a heavier oil. Instead, Gary simply decides to ignore it and hope it gets better on its own. For Gary’s home, if he could have simply gotten past his fear of heights for a few minutes, he could have taken the shingles that fell off and tacked them back into place. This would have protected his roof from the elements until he was able to get someone out to fix it properly. Instead, his roof now has an open spot. For Gary’s smile, he is so confident that he has a great smile that he can’t fathom an issue with it. All he had to do was call Dr. Feucht to set up a visit and ask about it, but Gary also hasn’t been attending regular dental appointments for several years now. This is because he thinks his smile is so perfect that he doesn’t need them. If only he had made that call, everything would be different.

Gum Disease Danger

Gary’s car is about to have some more issues, his home may be in real trouble, and his smile is in danger. Find out how his life starts to take a turn in our next article.

Bleeding gums is a classic sign of gingivitis, the beginning stage of gum disease. All gum disease comes from gingivitis, but not all gingivitis becomes gum disease. Gum disease treatment from Dr. Feucht at Plymouth Dentistry can help you keep your smile safe. Call us today at 734-224-4359 to schedule your appointment. You can use our online form to schedule your appointment as well.