Gary’s Smile: The Price of Doing Nothing is High – Part 3


Here is a quick recap if you are just getting to know Gary. Gary has been having a rough time lately. First, he has had to deal with car problems. It started with a knocking sound in his engine. He dismissed it as a non-issue, but then the knock got louder and more frequent. Now, Gary has a check engine light on that is trying to warn him, but he decides to hold off. His house is now showing damage because he waited to fix the shingles on his roof. Life got in the way and he forgot, but now he has an appointment to get it fixed in a few weeks. Even his smile is starting to break down. It started with bleeding gums after brushing, and has now progressed to red and inflamed gums. He just tells himself that his insurance will be active in about three months, and he will get it all figured out then. The problem for Gary is that by then, it will be too late.

The Time has Come for Gary

Gary has been avoiding taking action on his problems for months now. He has ignored his car, forgotten about his roof, and is in denial regarding the state of his smile. Well, all of that is about to change. He isn’t going to be able to run from his problems anymore.

Gary’s Car – Gary has been driving with the check engine light on for several weeks now. He has gotten used to it. One day, Gary is on his way to work and the knocking in his engine starts to get worse than it has ever been. He looks down at his dash and notices that his check engine light is no longer just on but is flashing at him. He is on the highway and luckily is able to make it over to the shoulder before his engine dies in a very loud manner. As Gary sits there, smoke pouring from under his hood and that light blinking on his dash, all he can think about is why he didn’t get his car into the mechanic when it was just a light knocking. Gary calls a tow truck to get his car to the shop. The verdict is simple. His engine is blown, and the warning signs had been there from the beginning.

Gary’s House
– Well, it has been weeks and Gary finally has a contractor coming out to give him a quote. When he gets there, he steps on the roof and immediately gets down. He asks Gary if he can look at his attic space as well. Gary is a bit confused, but he agrees. The contractor gets into the attic and it is just as he feared. The roof is now the least of Gary’s problems. He has had water streaming into his attic for over a month, and now every inch of insulation is soaked. He needs to have it stripped out before it ruins the rest of his ceilings. This just went from a hundred-dollar job to a couple-thousand-dollar job.

Gary’s Smile – Gary has had bleeding gums and inflamed gum tissue. Gary notices that there are pockets developing along his gumline, and the the gums are starting to recede from his teeth. He doesn’t know exactly what’s wrong, but his teeth are in danger. He is still two months from getting his dental insurance, but now he is beside himself.

Gum Disease CAN Lead to Tooth Loss

Gary has lost his car, his house needs work from the ceilings up, and now his teeth are in danger – all because he didn’t take care of problems when they were still small. Find out next time if there is any coming back from this for Gary, and if you need to start addressing those gum disease issues that are affecting your smile, call our Plymouth, MI office today at 734-224-4359 to schedule your appointment. You can schedule your appointment online as well.