Gary’s Smile: Things Start to Get Out of Hand – Part 2


Last time on the dental blog of Plymouth Dentistry, we met Gary. Gary is a young guy who seems to have everything any guy could need. He has a fast car, a nice house all to himself, and a smile that is flawless. There is just one issue. None of those things is as good as it appears.

Gary’s car has developed a slight knock in the engine. He’s not concerned because one, it doesn’t have any effect on the car’s performance, and two, he has no idea how to fix it himself. Gary’s house also has a small problem. He has wind damage on his roof that has left a small spot exposed. Again, he isn’t worried about it. He figures it can wait until he can get a person out there to fix the roof. This saves him the terror of getting on the roof himself to fix it. The last part of his life that is not as perfect as it appears is his smile. Gary has gingivitis, but he doesn’t see it. His gums bleed when brushing, and Gary thinks that is just him brushing too hard. Gary is wrong on every issue, and that is about start causing bigger issues.

Things Aren’t Going Well for Gary

Gary left us last time deciding to just let all of his issues fix themselves (like that ever works) or, in the case of the roof, postpone doing anything. He has done nothing to the engine of the car, the roof still isn’t fixed, and his gums still bleed when he brushes his teeth. Here is where he is now.

Gary’s Car – Gary’s car is still making the knocking sound in the engine. Gary has gotten really good at ignoring it, but it still acts up from time to time. Gary turns the stereo up when that happens. One day, he turns the stereo up to drown out the semi-constant knocking, and he notices something. The check engine light on his car is on. Now, one thing you need to know is that in these classic cars, the check engine light is not like it is in today’s vehicles. In a modern car, the check engine light can be triggered by one of a hundred different sensors in an engine going bad. And it’s possible all of those sensors could go bad and your car would still run for another 30,000 miles. In Gary’s car, when the check engine light comes on, it signals a real problem. Unfortunately, Gary doesn’t know this, because he doesn’t know a whole lot about old cars. He just knows that his car looks cool, so he ignores the check engine light. He does decide, however, to get the car into the shop the next chance he gets.

Gary’s House – Gary’s roof is still bare in a spot, and Gary has no real plan to fix it. In fact, he had almost forgotten about – until he notices some water damage to his kitchen ceiling. It is slight and off in a corner that is obscured by his cabinets. Still, Gary knows that it is there, and he wishes he had gotten the roof fixed when he initially saw the missing shingles. He decides to call a few contractors for quotes to get the two missing shingles replaced. They pencil Gary in for appointments that are two weeks out (middle of summer is a busy time). So Gary just has to make it through two more weeks.

Gary’s Smile – Gary still has bleeding gums, but now his gums are also red and inflamed. When he notices this, he is besides himself. His perfect smile is no longer perfect, and he finally realizes that there may be a problem. He decides to get some help, but he doesn’t have any dental insurance through his company. He just switched jobs, and he wants to wait until his benefits kick in before he goes. Once again, Gary is deciding to wait instead of taking needed action.

Gum Disease Worsens Over Time

Gary has some real problems in his life. Next time, we can find out what the true cost of waiting to fix a problem can be, but right now, you have a chance to avoid paying that kind of bill. If you have gum disease and you are noticing that your gums are starting to get worse, you need to call Plymouth Dentistry today. We can help treat your gum disease and repair the damage it has caused. Call our Plymouth, MI office today at 734-224-4359. You can use our online form to schedule your appointment as well.