Are you dedicated to making sure your family is happy and healthy this year? Our Plymouth, MI dental office can help. We offer a variety of preventive services for the whole family. We can also offer guidance on helping your child build great oral health habits. Regardless of your age, we can help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. If you are looking for a dental home for your family, consider Plymouth Dentistry for our comprehensive care and high-quality solutions.

Help Your Child Build The Necessary Habits For A Healthy Smile

Helping your child form healthy habits is the best way to ensure their oral health remains good for the rest of their life. We can offer a few helpful tips on the most effective ways to help your child develop these healthy habits.

First, we recommend bringing your child in to see the dentist at least once every six months. You can do this beginning at age two. These visits are extremely important because they will allow your child to become familiar and comfortable with our office, our staff, and some of the procedure. We can also talk to your child about healthy habits at home. We can watch your child’s development and make sure that nothing is amiss. We can also catch small problems with your child’s oral health, including any potential cavities, and can treat them before they become larger issues. Regular visits can really help your child get off to a great start in life in terms of oral health and can set them up to maintain a healthy smile for life.

The next best thing you can do is to make sure your child is properly taking care of their teeth at home. This means teaching them how to brush thoroughly twice per day and floss once per day. This also means making sure they are building good habits and understand the importance of dental hygiene. If you aren’t sure how to help your child with this important part of developing good habits, please be sure to contact our office for advice. We work with children regularly and would be happy to help.

One more thing you can do to help your child stay healthy is to teach them proper nutrition. We understand that kids can be picky eaters, but we also understand that a balanced diet is key to a healthy smile (and overall body!). By making them eat their vegetables and teaching them the importance of proper nutrition, you can save them many, many years of struggling with their weight, overall systemic health issues, and of course, poor oral health. Set your child up for success with this simple lesson.

Convenient Preventive Care For The Whole Family

In addition to helping children build healthy habits, we also provide preventive dental care for all members of the family. Let’s talk about a few of these preventive options and how they can help you:

  • Cleanings and exams. Scheduling regular checkups are the best way to catch small problems before they become larger, more painful, more expensive dental issues. We recommend scheduling a cleaning and exam visit every six months.
  • Sealants. We can use a dental substance called a sealant on your teeth to block out any harmful substances. The idea is to reduce the risk of cavities. If you are cavity prone, or you think your child needs a little extra protection, consider this easy option.
  • Fluoride treatments and varnishes. Fluoride strengthens enamel and can help prevent erosion and sensitivity issues. We offer both treatments and varnishes for patients who would like a little preventive boost.
  • Mouthguards. Whether you need protection from dangerous contact sports or from TMJ or teeth grinding problems, we have you covered. Talk to our team about how our mouthguards can help protect your teeth from harm.
  • DIAGNOdent. This cavity detection system uses laser technology to diagnose even the smallest of cavities. We can catch and treat small areas of decay before they become larger problems. This is great for patients of all ages!

Schedule An Appointment For Your Family Today

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