I Am Looking For a Family Dentist in Plymouth, MI

Whether you just found out you are expecting or you have been raising your kids for many years, finding a great family dentist is one of the most valuable things you can do for those little smiles that you love so much. Great oral health care should begin at a young age, but it’s not easy to find an office where your kids feel as comfortable as you do.

At Plymouth Dentistry, we have the fun and relaxed environment that your kids love paired with the expertise and quality care that you are looking for. The result? A fantastic family environment where every member of your crew can get the care they need.
New Families

Your child is ready for the first dental appointment around their second birthday, but great oral health begins before that child is ever born. It is very important for pregnant women to see the dentist while they are expecting. Gum disease is more likely when you are pregnant, and gum disease has been linked with low birthweight and preterm delivery. A routine dental cleaning while pregnant is perfectly safe and will eliminate that concern!

Going to the dentist while you are pregnant can also help to get you in a routine of coming to the office every six months for regular cleanings. It will make it that much easier to be sure your toddlers and preschool kids develop this healthy habit at a young age.

Seasoned Families 

Finding a dentist who can build great rapport with elementary students is a rare thing, but we have it at Plymouth Dentistry! Your kids will feel at ease with Dr. Feucht and our entire staff. We spend a lot of time educating kids at the local schools, so we may even see your child while we are out and about in the community!

Your kids need routine dental care as they transition from baby teeth to adult teeth. The transition lasts for several years, and it’s imperative that you have a dentist you can trust to monitor the growth that happens during this time. We will be there to help you make sure your child’s growing smile is healthy and strong!

The Transition to Adulthood 

The final stage of family dentistry is the transition to adulthood. Your little one will not be little forever. At some point, they will be out on their own and needing dental care. Who do you think they will turn to? That’s right: the dentist they have seen for their entire life! A great family dentist makes this transition extremely smooth for your child.

If you are looking for a practice that can travel this road of parenthood with you from start to finish, you are looking for a place like Plymouth Dentistry. We can treat every member of your family, and we can treat your kids as they grow into adults. Set them up for success by creating wonderful oral health habits early.

Contact our office today by calling 734-459-7110 or simply use our convenient online form to request an appointment. We are looking forward to watching your family’s healthy, beautiful smiles grow!