Becoming a parent is one of the most frightening and joyful experiences of your life. You are so ecstatic to be holding the child that came from you, but at the same time, you are terrified that you will screw them up! After all, this child is going to grow into an adult who has an impact on the world!

With so many worries and concerns flowing through your mind, it is important that you remember the simple stuff, like keeping them healthy. Deciding how to give your child consequences is a tough decision with lots of answers, but deciding how to make sure your child has a healthy smile for their entire life is pretty easy: you take them to the dentist!

While most parents know that this is an important part of their child’s oral health, many parents aren’t sure when to begin this habit or how to make sure their child has a good experience. That’s where we step in! Take a look below to find the answers to your questions about your child’s first visit.

What is a Good Age?

The one question we hear over and over from parents is: when is it time to visit the dentist? The ADA recommends taking your child to the dentist within six months of their first visit. We can do that for you, but we generally recommend waiting until your child is about two years old. By this age, they are able to communicate with us and really interact during their appointment. That’s important because we don’t want to frighten them!

What Will Happen at the First Appointment?

The first appointment is a lot of fun for the kids, parents, and staff! By the time you leave, your child will be excited to come back for their next appointment in six months! Take a look below to see how the first appointment generally goes.

Introductions – This is your child’s first time in our office, so everything is new! We take the time to introduce everyone working with your child as well as our equipment, like our chair and saliva sucker!

Exam – Once the introductions are complete, we will begin the exam. If your child is two, we will probably just ask to count their teeth. If they are onboard, we might polish their teeth, but that’s about it. If your child is older, we will go ahead and do a cleaning and take some X-rays.

Laughs – Above all, we want this to be a fun experience for your child, so we laugh with them a LOT. Our staff is great at building rapport with kids, and you and your child will have a blast! Plus, you’ll leave with a bag full of goodies!

Taking Care of Business at Home

Bringing your child into the office is important, but we can’t do everything for your child’s teeth at a six month cleaning appointment! You have a lot of work to do at home to keep your favorite little smile perfectly healthy. The steps to maintaining that healthy smile should come as no surprise. Check them out below.

Brushing Well – Be sure your child is using a great toothbrush for at least two minutes each morning and evening. While many kids brush, few spend an adequate amount of time brushing their teeth, or they are using a brush so worn out that it can hardly do any good!

Flossing Well – In addition to brushing, your child should be flossing. As soon as a child has teeth that touch, they should be flossing! Most kids cannot use a strand of floss, but kid-friendly flossers are a winner for most families!

A Great Diet – You can brush and floss for all the correct lengths and times, but if your child is eating a diet full of sugar, they are going to see decay. Encourage your child to drink water or milk with meals, and be wise with your snack choices!

Set Up the First Appointment Today!

Is it time for your little one to come meet us at Plymouth Dentistry? We can’t wait to see that beautiful smile in our office very soon, so call us today to set up an appointment. The best way to get your child off on the right foot is to bring them in early, so don’t delay!