Meeting All Your Denture Needs and Surpassing Your Expectations

Do you need to get your first pair of dentures? Do you already have a pair, but find them uncomfortable or prone to slipping in your mouth? Unfortunately, many people have a bad impression of dentures, and when they receive a low-quality pair, they believe that there’s nothing they can do. In fact, high-quality dentures are comfortable, fit securely in your mouth, and help you eat your favorite foods. At Plymouth Dentistry, we can provide you with a pair of affordable dentures that will have you smiling and eating happily again. Please ask us about our denture options!

Natural-Looking and Comfortable Options for Your Needs

We can provide both full dentures and partial dentures depending on your needs. Full dentures will replace all your teeth in your upper or lower jaw, while partial dentures replace a series of missing teeth. Our dentures will be custom made to fit perfectly in your mouth and around your natural teeth. Our denture options are specially colored to look just like natural teeth, so you’ll be able to smile, laugh, and eat without feeling self-conscious.

Additional options that we provide include implant-retained and implant-supported dentures. Instead of laying flat in your mouth, these will be secured in place by dental implants. This will eliminate any movement or slippage, allowing you to eat the foods you want and reducing any discomfort or wear in your mouth.

If you are interested in these types of dentures, we will first have to examine your jaw to make sure there is enough bone to support the implants. Once the implants are placed, they will provide stimulation to your jaw and promote long-term dental health. You can decide if you want these dentures to be held in place on bars or on balls. Some options will hold them in place at all times of day, and others will allow you to remove them at night to clean your mouth and sleep more comfortably.

Once you have your permanent set of dentures, we can make adjustments at no extra charge so that they fit more comfortably and securely in your mouth.

Do you need a pair of dentures? Give us a call at our Plymouth, MI office at 734-459-7110 or schedule an appointment online.