Professional Whitening Treatments that Will Brighten Your Smile

As we all get older, our teeth often become yellowed and stained. Some of this is a natural consequence of getting older, but these effects can be accelerated by what we eat and drink, such as drinking coffee or tea. Fortunately, there are professional treatments that can radically whiten your smile. At Plymouth Dentistry, we can give you a smile that’s several shades whiter than the one you had before, and you’ll love showing off your dazzling teeth to everyone you meet with our Teeth Whitening treatment.

Sapphire Whitening System for Fast and Effective Whitening

Our Sapphire Whitening system combines hydrogen peroxide whitening gel with special laser technology that activates the gel and enhances its effects. This dental treatment can be done quickly—in as little as 30 minutes—but it will leave your teeth several shades whiter. After treatment, we will provide you with take-home whitening trays that you can use at home to continue to whiten your teeth.

Take-Home Whitening with Professional Results

Depending on the degree of yellowing on your teeth, Sapphire whitening may be unnecessary. In this case, we will just provide you with take-home trays that can dramatically lighten your teeth. These trays are much more effective than those that you can buy in your pharmacy. Instead of using generic trays to cover your teeth, we will provide you with custom trays that perfectly fit into your mouth. These trays not only will provide protection to your gums, but they will also produce a better seal between your teeth and the whitening gel. This enables you to get much more effective whitening than over-the-counter products.

Join Our Whitening for Life Program

At Plymouth Dentistry, we are dedicated to your dental health, but we also hope that we can help you have the perfectly white and beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted. With this in mind, we’ve created our Whitening for Life program. Patients who always make their appointments and stay current with their payments will receive custom-made whitening trays and professional whitening gel.

As long as you continue to meet the requirements, you can continue to receive more whitening gel every six months. We are happy to provide our patients with the treatment they deserve, and we love seeing your white smiles.

If you are interested in professional teeth whitening, call our Plymouth, MI office at 734-459-7110 or schedule an appointment online.