We were all kids once, and we can imagine how your first appointment at the dentist’s office can be intimidating. That’s why our staff at Plymouth Dentistry works as hard as possible to make sure every child feels welcome and comfortable whenever they come to visit. A child’s dentist appointment doesn’t have to be stressful or boring—it can be fun! We’ve been treating families and children for decades, and we can’t wait to meet your kids and help them take care of their beautiful smiles.

During the first visit, one of our hygienists will work with your child, showing him or her the chair and letting them “ride” in it, and then giving a little tour of the office. We’ll take digital or panoramic X-rays, and afterward give your child a fluoride varnish to clean and strengthen their teeth. Throughout the experience, our hygienists make sure that each kid feels comfortable while learning more about how to care for his or her own teeth. Most parents don’t feel the need to accompany their children around the office, but you are always welcome to do so. At the end of the appointment, your child can meet Dr. Feucht so that he or she won’t be intimidated meeting him in the future.

We believe taking your child to the dentist early is a great way to prevent dental anxiety and fear, and at the same time, your child can learn about all the reasons he or she should brush and floss. When you schedule your child’s first appointment is completely up to you, but we treat children as young as two years old, and we love entertaining them and getting to know them.

Are you interested in scheduling a dentist’s appointment for your child? Call our Plymouth, MI office at 734-459-7110, or schedule an appointment using our convenient online form.