Root Canal Treatment: The Dental Lifesaver


You are blessed with only one smile. Dr. Feucht and Plymouth Dentistry want to help you keep it healthy. One way of doing that is through root canal treatment for infected or damaged teeth. With the help of our advanced dental technology, we are able to make this process fast and painless. From our dental office in Plymouth, MI, we want to help you understand the truth about this procedure that has gotten such a bad reputation over the years.

For quite a while, root canal treatment has been one of the most feared dental treatments. There are several reasons for this, but the truth is that root canal treatment gives your smile a chance. This procedure will save the life of a damaged tooth and save you from a tooth extraction.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a treatment that removes the damaged nerve and pulp from inside your tooth. Dr. Feucht numbs the area around the tooth to be sure you don’t feel any pain. From there, he opens a small access hole in the tooth. Dr. Feucht removes the damaged nerve and pulp from the tooth and then flushes the inner part of your tooth with a saltwater solution. Once the inside of your tooth has been sterilized, Dr. Feucht fills the inner part of your tooth with a substance called gutta-percha. Then he places a filling or a dental crown to seal it and keep it safe from any further issues.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

Dr. Feucht will help you determine if root canal treatment is something you need. Here are some common reasons our patients have needed root canal treatment.

  • Cracked Tooth
  • Broken Tooth
  • Severe Tooth Decay
  • Multiple Procedures on the Same Tooth

Any of these issues can cause infection or damage to the inner part of your tooth. If they’re allowed to fester, you run the risk of developing an abscess, a pocket of infection at the base of your tooth root. Dr. Feucht has over 35 years of dental experience to help you get rid of the infection, repair damage, and save the life of your tooth.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Relieves Pain – If you need a root canal, you may be in some real pain. Removing the damaged nerve and pulp will remove any chance of continued discomfort. Dr. Feucht will help get rid of your dental pain or toothache and get you back to smiling comfortably with root canal treatment from Plymouth Dentistry.

Allows Your Real Tooth to Remain – The only alternative to root canal treatment is tooth extraction. That is the only way to remove the damaged material from your mouth and keep you safe from further issues. No matter what dentist you talk to, they will all say that the best thing for your smile is to keep your natural teeth if at all possible. Root canal treatment does just that.

Prevents Future Infections – The longer that damaged material remains in your mouth, the greater chance you have of developing an infection. This is not a situation where you can wait for it to heal on its own. If you develop an infection, not only is the affected tooth in danger but other teeth as well.

Don’t Root Canals Hurt?

This is the most prevalent of the myths concerning root canal treatment. This myth is the product of dentists who take a blanket approach to anesthetic. Many dentists will administer a certain amount of numbing agent based on physical characteristics like height, weight, and age. Although usually effective, this is not always the best way to manage someone’s dental experience.

Dr. Feucht knows that each person has a different level of pain tolerance. We will listen to you during your treatment, and the second you say you are feeling something that you shouldn’t, we will stop and make sure you are taken care of before beginning again.

Your root canal will feel about the same as getting a dental filling. That is, if the nerve is still functioning. Many times, the nerve is so damaged that it cannot feel pain at all. If you are worried about the possibility of discomfort, Plymouth Dentistry offers oral sedation or free nitrous oxide to help you get through your procedure relaxed and with minimal pain.

Take Care Of Your Smile At Plymouth Dentistry

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