If you will be undergoing treatment for cancer, Plymouth Dentistry strongly suggests that you schedule a pretreatment dental checkup with our office.

Reasons for making your dentist part of your cancer treatment team include the following:

A dentist will help protect your mouth, teeth, and jaw bones from damage caused by radiation and chemotherapy. Children also need special protection for their growing teeth and facial bones.
If problems occur in your mouth, your doctors may have to delay or stop your cancer treatment until issues are resolved
Your dentist and hygienist can advise you on how to protect your mouth during treatment

Some oral care tips for people who are undergoing treatment for cancer:

Brush your teeth and tongue, gently and often (after meals and at bedtime), with an extra-soft toothbrush.
Floss gently once a day to remove plaque. If your gums bleed and hurt, avoid the areas that are bleeding or sore, but keep flossing your other teeth.
Rinse your mouth often with water to keep it moist. To help moisten your mouth, it’s better to use a saliva substitute rather than mouthwashes containing alcohol.
Choose soft, easy-to-chew foods. Avoid or reduce your intake of spicy, sour, or crunchy foods. Opt for lukewarm, rather than hot or icy cold, foods and beverages. Avoid alcoholic drinks.
Dr. Gary Feucht and the staff at our Plymouth, Michigan dental office are ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have about good oral care during your cancer treatment.