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Since starting Plymouth Dentistry almost 40 years ago, Dr. Feucht has been committed to providing only the highest quality service and care to our patients. This commitment has been rewarded by our patients who have kindly given us their repeat business, recommendations to friends, and their lifelong friendship.

If you’d like to learn more about how comfortable and taken care of our patients feel when they come to us, you can hear it from our patients themselves. These testimonials will give you an idea of the type of service we provide, but we hope you’ll give us the chance to show you our high level of service in person.

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Watch the following testimonials and you can hear for yourself what our patients have to say about the quality of service we provide.

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I reached my insurance maximum pretty quickly, and Dr. Feucht worked with me to schedule the dental work I needed to coincide with the availability of my insurance. Due to the negligence of my oral health, during my teen and early adult years, I faced a few years of dental work. I saw a lot of Dr. Feucht in those first few years! I can say, now, that I am no longer afraid of going to the dentist. That was over 30 years ago, and since that time, I got married and had two children, who are now adults. Dr. Feucht is our family dentist! He will be my dentist as long as he can be my dentist.
– S. Foster

Over the years I have had a lot of dental work done, so I figure I can appreciate good dental work when I receive it.I have found Dr. Feucht to be a caring, knowledgeable, and gentle dentist. Whether it’s to repair a filling or make a perfect match for a new crown, Dr. Feucht and his staff treated me with a level above professionalism, a real personal touch.He is a bit of a perfectionist in the care and treatment of his patients’ dental needs, which I appreciate because it is always blended with a genuine personal concern.
– Linda L

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