In 1888, Marvin Stone, a manufacturer of paper cigarette holders, patented a spiral winding process that led to production of the first paper drinking straws.

Many of us tend to think of drinking with a straw as something only children do, and eventually outgrow. But there are several significant dental health benefits of using a straw that we should consider as adults.

Using a straw decreases the amount of acid your teeth come into contact with from acidic beverages such as soft drinks, red wine, coffee and tea. By concentrating liquid, fewer teeth are exposed to damaging acids that not only can stain tooth enamel but also lead to tooth decay. Reducing opportunities for sugar and acid to attack your enamel also helps protect teeth from the sensitivity caused by erosion and decay. And, if you’ve had your teeth whitened, drinking through a straw can help you keep them bright longer.

To be most effective, the straw should be positioned towards the back of the mouth and resting on the tongue rather than against the teeth.

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