Halloween is quickly approaching and we are pretty sure that the anticipation of your children is growing! All candy is not bad but some are healthier than others.

Check out our list of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Halloween Candy.

The Good

Did you know that sugar free lollipops stimulate saliva production that flushes away bacteria? Sugar free candies are best! Chocolate candies without fillings are great because they dissolve quickly. Dark chocolate is good for the heart and could even lower blood pressure according to some studies.

The Bad

The bad candy is hard or sour candies because they stay in your mouth for a long time. The acid from sour candies break down your teeth enamel. Also, the amount of sugar in hard candies can lead to tooth decay.

The Ugly

The ugly is the chewy and gooey candies that stick to your teeth. Chewy candies are one of the leading causes of tooth decay because it is difficult for saliva to wash them away. Did you know that 57 percent of children eat chewy candy for Halloween? Remember, don’t deny but redirect. If you child insists on eating chewy candy then redirect them to a candy on our “good” list. Very hard candies such as jaw breakers goes on our “ugly” list because unlike other hard candies, Jaw breakers are hard enough to chip your teeth.

Doing something as simple as swishing water in your mouth after eating candy can decrease your chances of your teeth being damaged. The dental specialists at Plymouth Dentistry in Michigan can handle all of your post – Halloween dental needs. Contact us today!

Enjoy your Halloween!