Visiting your dentist on a regular basis not only helps keep your smile more beautiful but it also informs your dentist about your overall oral health. Just by taking a glimpse at your teeth and gums allows your dentist to know whether or not you may be developing gum disease.

Dental hygiene is important because not only does a healthy smile increase your self-confidence, but it also reduces facial or oral pain, and reduces your risk or gum disease. A lack of dental hygiene can lead to digestion problems. The process of breaking down your food chemically and physically starts in your mouth. If there are problems within your mouth, this can possibly lead to digestive disorders.

Plymouth Dentistry encourages you to practice effective dental hygiene. Eating a healthy diet, brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and flossing daily all are key elements to a healthy smile. Call and set up a dentist appointment to improve your dental hygiene. Plymouth Dentistry can’t wait to help keep your teeth clean and your mouth in top shape.