Want Whiter Teeth? Know Your Teeth Whitening Options


One thing that many Plymouth Dentistry patients have in common is wonderfully white teeth, thanks to our professional teeth whitening treatments. From our office in Plymouth, MI, Dr. Feucht has been helping our friends and neighbors in the community brighten their smiles for over 35 years. We take the appearance of your smile seriously, and the color of your teeth is a huge part of how your smile looks. Plymouth Dentistry is big enough to take care of your dental needs, including your cosmetic dentistry needs, and still small enough to treat you like family.

Life attacks the color of your teeth at every turn. The coffee you start your day with will dull your smile over time, the afternoon tea you drink may leave stains behind, and the wine you have at night to wind down will darken your teeth if you don’t take steps to protect them. Know what whitening options are out there, and then trust your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Feucht, to help you choose the option that is right for you.

Dental Whitening Options

When it comes to the color of your teeth, you have several teeth whitening options to improve their shade. Some, however, work better than others.

Natural Dental Whitening – Mother Nature is great at removing things that she doesn’t want there. That includes cleaning stains from your teeth with strawberries. Strawberries contain malic acid, a natural enamel whitener. The whiter your enamel, the whiter your teeth appear.

Look at our earlier blog post to find a fast and easy recipe for natural dental whitening.

Plymouth Dentistry and Dr. Feucht offer patients our Whitening for Life program. This gives you whitening gel and custom home whitening trays to use during the months in between your dental exams. This natural option is a great way to supplement this program, but to ensure your smile is as white as it can be, we recommend Whitening for Life.

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Dental Whitening – Every grocery store or drugstore has a section in the dental hygiene aisle devoted to teeth whitening. These options can range in price all the way up to almost $100. Often, the price difference is dictated by the whitening concentration of each option. The FDA has capped the active whitening ingredient potency at 15 percent, so the higher the potency, the higher the price.

These OTC teeth whitening options are effective for removing mild to moderate staining. You will see results in about a week after starting your treatment. Dr. Feucht has the experience to tell you about the pros and cons of using these options, though our Whitening for Life program is a more effective option for your at-home whitening efforts.

Professional Dental Whitening – The reason that OTC dental whiteners are capped at 15 percent concentration is so that you don’t hurt yourself while using them. The teeth whitening agent can injure your gums if the gel is not applied correctly. Professional whitening solutions have a concentration level that starts at 15 percent and can be as concentrated as 35 – 40 percent. That is why professional whitening is your best option when it comes to teeth whitening.

Plymouth Dentistry offers Sapphire laser whitening treatment in our office. Dr. Feucht will expertly apply the whitening gel so that your gums are safe from sensitivity and that the gel goes on your teeth, where it will do the most good. The expert application that you get from Plymouth Dentistry also helps prevent tooth sensitivity, a common side effect of OTC dental whitening treatments. Next, the high-power Sapphire light is applied to the gel to give you a brilliantly whiter smile. Instead of waiting a week or more to see the results you are looking for, you can have your whiter smile in as little as one 30-minute treatment.

Whitening for Life At-Home Teeth Whitening – The added bonus of Whitening for Life simply puts professional whitening from Plymouth Dentistry heads and shoulders above the other teeth whitening options. For a small one-time enrollment fee, you will be provided with whitening gel and custom whitening trays to keep your smile bright in between your dental checkups. All you have to do is make sure that you come back for your regular dental exams to get your next dose of whitening gel.

Call Plymouth Dentistry today at 734-224-4359 and talk to Dr. Feucht about what your teeth whitening options are. The color of your teeth has a dramatic effect on the appearance of your smile. Don’t let that appearance get damaged by dental staining. Trust the professionals at Plymouth Dentistry to help you get the lifelong smile you have been looking for!